Can you really get your CDL free?

Absolutely! Meaning you do NOT have to put up any of your own money to get your CDL. There are a number of organizations that will train you at their expense if you commit to drive for them for a period of time, usually one year.

But careful! If you sign on with the wrong company you may be sorry.

Questions you should ask:

1. Do you provide 100% one-on-one training in a truck with an experienced, certified trainer as he or she is actually doing the job?

2. Do you provide any financial assistance to survive on the road while training to get my CDL?

3. Is there a financial obligation for the training if I do not complete the training or my employment commitment?

4. Is there a opportunity to back out without any financial obligation should I decide this is just not for me?

5. Once I get my CDL and I continue on with my advanced training, how much will I earn during that phase?

6. Can I lease a truck with you once my training is complete for zero down and no credit check?

7. How much will I earn if I decide to work as a company driver after training?